America’s Lesson to Me

It’s kinda funny: prior to beginning the assignment of being at home for six months I thought it would be boring. From January until August I visited five different countries and was only home for about a month in between! And this would be my longest stint at home since I was in High School. Yet, as the international terminal in Chicago was literally in my rear-view mirror, God began to drop some big assignments onto my lap. A couple of weeks later I found myself juggling all these tasks that I didn’t even know how to approach, crying out to God for wisdom in how to deal with issues in almost every area of my life.

One day while I was pacing my room, unloading all my frustrations and questions on Him, He spoke to me. He said, “How can you believe that I would call you to do something and equip you with all you need to carry out that thing, if I wasn’t going to call you and equip you for each of the steps you would need to take to get to that thing?” All of a sudden my perspective cleared. I realized that I’m not in a season of walking out necessary evils, but instead I am walking in a season that I am specifically called to and already equipped for.

The Chamula people of Mexico define faith as “Taking seriously what God has obligated Himself to do for you.” God has certainly promised to meet ALL of my needs, and James 1 says that He offers wisdom “generously to all without reproach” if only I ask in faith. That is something to take seriously!

In his book The God Ask, Steve Shadrach challenged me by suggesting that we dishonor God by asking Him to provide for our minimal needs. God already promised He would take care of those! That is the stuff of baby faith! We honor God by asking Him for the great things, by taking His promise that He will provide “exceedingly and abundantly more than we can ask or imagine” seriously (in faith). I’ve realized that I have been asking Him for enough wisdom and resources to “get by” and He is thinking “That’s ALL you are asking for? Don’t you think I can do better than that?”

“You and I have the opportunity of a lifetime at our fingertips: Simply and humbly, we can choose to honor Him by the magnitude of our requests,” (Steve Shadrach).

So I’m taking this time in America to allow my faith to be stretched to walk in belief that God is taking care of my petty necessities, so that I can then turn my prayers to the bigger and greater things! What better place to learn this lesson than in a culture where the temptation is to look inwardly at my own struggles and let the greater promises and assignments of God fade in the background?  What better time to be pushed to pray stronger prayers? What better opportunity to put my faith in a God who is so much bigger then I expect Him to be?

Faith gives me the confidence to take God’s provision of my needs seriously and the authority to ask Him to accomplish more than I can even desire!

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