Every Little “Yes”


It’s a short word that rolls of our tongue every single day. But at times it’s not so simple to say. Sometimes a “yes” carries with it a sacrifice. Sometimes we feel ourselves sliding back to our toddler days and all we want to say is “NO!” and throw our food on the floor, but we say yes anyways. And every time we say yes to God we turn down the opportunity to say no.

We probably say yes in our day a lot more then we think, most times without any verbal annunciation. We say yes to showing up, to living in the moment, to listening to someones heart, to giving our all to something, to following the Holy Spirit, and to the little opportunities where nothing is even being asked of you but you choose to give anyways.

I’ve started to realize the value in that “yes” lately. I’ve begun to see that my “yes” to God is all I have to give and really it’s all He asks of me.

I understand more and more each day that I can’t always produce results and I’m not asked to, I’m only asked to give my “yes”. I’m not asked to take responsibility to change the world, I’m only asked to obey. It’s impossible for me to change anyone’s heart, I can only change my own.

If I ever start to take responsibility for more then my own obedience, but also for the results that that obedience produces, I am moving into striving. I am beginning to dictate how situations should turn out and what God’s will is in the lives of those around me. I realized that when I do this, I am finding my value in the fruit rather then in simply doing what God is asking of me.

Personally, my “yes” comes easily when there is purpose, when there is a result that would certainly come. The struggle is when the “yes” seems unproductive, when God is asking me to wait, to rest, to do something for myself, or to take the harder, longer route. Because in those things I might not find the satisfaction of results, or the joy of ministerial fruit that I so often get my value from.

When I was a student at CFNI I sat under the leadership of a man named Steven, who carries the Father’s heart so tangibly. Back then and even to this day he would continually shower affirmation on each team member and tell us “I am so so proud of you” even if it seemed we had done nothing at all. That did more healing then I could see at the time because it affirmed that my worth wasn’t in the work and that my showing up was enough for the Father.

Really, how often do we affirm people for just showing up, for trying, for getting out of bed and tackling a new day, for being themselves? How often do we celebrate each other, and especially ourselves, for the little “yeses” we don’t even know we say?

Often times we can be hard on ourselves, seeing all our inabilities, shortcomings, our lack of fruit, our “no’s”, but we fail to recognize that obedience is all our Daddy asks of us. All He wants is our softened, willing hearts. And He isn’t like us. He doesn’t miss a single “yes” in our day. I truly believe that our every little un-recognized “yes” is celebrated by Him as He says “Thank you my dear, I’m so so proud of you.”

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