Unwrapping Promises

Lately, I’ve been meditating on the promises of God. Sometimes I think of the promises of God vaguely… like that He will use me, that He has called me, etc. Which is true! Or I may think of the promises He’s given in the Word of God. But I don’t usually think of or remember specific words that He’s given for my life and future.

In the Psalms it continually says that we will wait for the promises of God, that He will fulfill them, that He is a God who keeps His word. As I read that over and over, I questioned, what promises has He given me? I know there’s promises in His word that He will provide for me, protect me, bless me, etc. but He gave those promises to ALL of His children! What promises are for ME specifically to lay hold of. 

As I talked to a friend about this topic, I realized how much of a risk it is to ask God for individual promises, specifically for me. What if I think He’s promising me something but I hear Him wrong? What if He gives me something very specific and it doesn’t happen? It’s so much easier to just believe and receive the words He’s given that could apply to anyone! I can trust Him with the general stuff but once we get specific, thats another kind of trust!

A few months ago I kept feeling like God was telling me that He will fulfill the desires of my heart (Psalm 37:4). I felt like I knew what that meant and I knew it was Biblical but at the same time I had a hard time grasping it. Yet I knew He was highlighting this specific promise to me personally in this season.

I’ve been given the opportunity to visit my 20th country this month. It took quite a bit more work to get the visa then I imagined it would. I really had to persevere and fight for it. I doubted if I was actually supposed to go on the trip. He hadn’t given me a specific word, but I just felt peace, I felt right about it. I knew He was teaching me faith and perseverance through the process, teaching me to stand and fight for things, but was unsure of His specific direction.

Then I read Psalm 111:5-6 (TPT):

“He satisfies all who love and trust him, and he keeps every promise he makes. He reveals mighty power and marvels to his people by handing them nations as a gift.”

When I read that I instantly remembered a moment when I was 16 years old, sitting in a van on my way to the airport to fly to Honduras on my second international mission trip. We were sharing dreams with one another and I told my youth pastor that I wanted to visit 20 nations by the time I was a certain age. I can’t remember the age (I SO wish I could) but I believe it was sometime in my mid-twenties. 

God reminded me of that desire He put on my heart and His promise to fulfill it. Not to mention that He gives us nations as GIFTS! 

The day I received the call from the embassy granting me my visa into this 20th nation was one month after my 24th birthday, on the same day my birthday gift from my parents arrived from America. Sorry, mom and dad but God topped your gift!

God pulled through for me on a promise that I hadn’t even realized. Yes, it was a promise in the word of God, but it was one that He specifically had set in motion for ME. 

God was working this all together in a way I was completely unaware of and it has challenged me to step out in faith to ask Him for more promises between Him and I. To ask Him for specific words. To write down and remember the things that He says to me and to take them seriously. Sometimes forgetting can be a protection mechanism… if I don’t remember what He says then I won’t be disappointed if it doesn’t happen. But there’s no trust required in that! 

So I’m taking the risk. I’m going all in for the promises of God. 

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