My Desert, My Gift

BIG NEWS: Book Releasing August 3!

My Desert, My Gift:  How Obedience Can Transform Your Wilderness into a Blessing

God has plans for your life beyond your wildest imagination. Do you feel like you’re missing out on the fullness of what God has for you? God is calling you on a journey and the fist step is obedience. It may lead you out of your comfort zone and through the desert, but along the way you will find the treasure of His favor that makes the journey worth it. 

This book is my story. It is the culmination of the times when I was able to say yes to God and the times when I struggled to follow Him. My story will encourage you that even your weakest “yes” can be used by God. Even in the times that I followed God reluctantly, He blessed my obedience. He led me to places that were beyond what I could have planned for myself. In the end, the rewards of your obedience always outweigh the cost.  

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